Configure an ACL on the SSH server

Run the ssh [ ipv6 ] server acl { acl-number | acl-name } command in the system view to configure an ACL on the SSH server to control access permission of SSH clients.

# Configure ACL 2000 on the SSH server to allow the client with source IP address to log in to the server.


[~HUAWEI] acl 2000

[*HUAWEI-acl4-basic-2000] rule permit source 0

[*HUAWEI-acl4-basic-2000] quit

[*HUAWEI] ssh server acl 2000

[*HUAWEI] commit

# Configure an ACL named huawei on the SSH server.


[~HUAWEI] acl name huawei

[*HUAWEI-acl4-advance-huawei] rule permit tcp

[*HUAWEI-acl4-advance-huawei] quit

[*HUAWEI] ssh server acl huawei

[*HUAWEI] commit

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