How Do I Add Member Interfaces to an Eth-Trunk?

Before adding a new member interface, ensure that the type of the new member interface is the same as that of other member interfaces and there is no configuration on the new member interface.
Run the shutdown command in the interface view to configure the new member interface in Down state.
If the new member interface that joins the Eth-Trunk is not configured to be Down, a temporary loop may occur. As a result, services are affected.
Run either of the following commands to add the new member interface to the Eth-Trunk.
Run the eth-trunk trunk-id command in the interface view.
Run the trunkport interface-type { interface-number1 [ to interface-number2 ] } &<1-8> command in the Eth-Trunk interface view.
After member interfaces at both ends join the Eth-Trunk, run the undo shutdown command in the interface view to enable the new member interfaces.

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