Why ISSU upgrade check fails on a CE series switch

An ISSU upgrade feasibility check fails on a CE series switch due to the following possible causes:

  • l The switch has an unregistered card installed.

  • l No patches are installed for ISSU upgrade in the current version or the installed patch is not activated.

  • l The CPU usage and memory usage are too high.

  • l The available flash memory storage space is insufficient.

  • l The patch and system software files for the next startup are inconsistent with the currently running ones.

  • l The system software and patch files to be upgraded are invalid.

  • l The active/standby switchover status of MPUs are not Ready. You can run the display switchover state command to check the active/standby switchover status of cards.

  • l The command used to enable an ISSU upgrade is not executed in the working path of the active MPU. For example, if you run the cd slave#flash:/ command, the working path of the standby MPU is displayed.

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