What should I do if I forget an SNMP community field for S series switches

For S series switches (except the S1700), if you forget an SNMP community, delete it and reconfigure a new one. The configuration procedure is as follows:
Deleting a community name in plaintext
Keep the community name secure. If you enter an incorrect community name, deletion fails.
[Quidway] undo snmp-agent community community001
Deleting a community name in ciphertext

Before deleting a community name in ciphertext, query the encrypted community name.
[Quidway] display snmp-agent community
Community name:%^%#v_@eE"TW3Yw"7"Q2Vd!"/$XsX|}+GOBz8V.pEh>=x9)J,Tuy}3Mp#+X4QV5CAI^:Z;NlA3*&ta4}a53-%^%#
Group name:%^%#v_@eE"TW3Yw"7"Q2Vd!"/$XsX|}+GOBz8V.pEh>=x9)J,Tuy}3Mp#+X4QV5CAI^:Z;NlA3*&ta4}a53-%^%#
Storage-type: nonVolatile
[Quidway] undo snmp-agent community %^%#v_@eE"TW3Yw"7"Q2Vd!"/$XsX|}+GOBz8V.pEh>=x9)J,Tuy}3Mp#+X4QV5CAI^:Z;NlA3*&ta4}a53-%^%#

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