Why does the NMS tool display an error message when it attempts to load some MIB files for S series switches

For S series switches (except the S1700), when the NMS tool is used to load some MIB files, error message "cannot load this MIB, error: ParseError,no content found, except 'DEFINITIONS::=BEGIN';line:1)" or "cannot load this MIB, error: MIB Parsing failed" is displayed.
The reason is that some MIB files, such as RFC1155-SMI, RFC-1212, and SNMPv2-CONF, only define syntax and do not contain MIB objects. These MIB files are referenced by other MIB files.
For example, RFC-1212 defines how MIB files are written, and RFC-1215 defines the syntax of TRAP-TYPE macro.
Ignore these messages when you are loading these MIB files.

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