How do I delete the community name in ciphertext on an S series switch

S series switches (except S1700) support deleting community names in ciphertext. The method is as follows:
Step 1: Query the community name in ciphertext.
[HUAWEI] display snmp-agent community
Community name:%^%#zvy$/Fpfs9pqOl'}(1"LgiAKQY\4DVfs~r'w-!s~wDe&LlFsJ4VUjk")m7<.IT!FQ5Bc%27w3BJWjMb7%^%#
Group name:%^%#zvy$/Fpfs9pqOl'}(1"LgiAKQY\4DVfs~r'w-!s~wDe&LlFsJ4VUjk")m7<.IT!FQ5Bc%27w3BJWjMb7%^%#
Storage-type: nonVolatile
Step 2: Delete the community name in ciphertext.
[HUAWEI] undo snmp-agent community %^%#zvy$/Fpfs9pqOl'}(1"LgiAKQY\4DVfs~r'w-!s~wDe&LlFsJ4VUjk")m7<.IT!FQ5Bc%27w3BJWjMb7%^%#

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