NQA association mechanism of S series switches

NQA of S series switches (except S1700 switches) in V200R001C00SPC300 and later versions can be associated with static routes and VRRP.
The following is an example of associating NQA with a static route. Network connectivity and routes between devices have been configured.
1. Configure an NQA test instance.
# On Switch A, configure an NQA test instance, and set the NQA test type to icmp, and the destination IP address to
[HUAWEI] nqa test-instance user test //Configure the administrator of the NQA test instance as user and the test instance name as test.
[HUAWEI-nqa-user-test] test-type icmp //Set the NQA test type to icmp.
[HUAWEI-nqa-user-test] destination-address ipv4 //Set the destination address to
[HUAWEI-nqa-user-test] frequency 10 //Set the interval at which the NQA test instance automatically runs to 10, in seconds.
[HUAWEI-nqa-user-test] probe-count 2 //Set the number of probes to be sent each time to 2.
[HUAWEI-nqa-user-test] interval seconds 5 //Set the interval at which probe packets are sent to 5, in seconds.
[HUAWEI-nqa-user-test] timeout 4 //Set the timeout period of a probe to 4, in seconds.
[HUAWEI-nqa-user-test] start now end delay seconds 10000 //Start the test instance and configure the test instance to end after 10,000 seconds.
[HUAWEI-nqa-user-test] quit
2. Associate a static route with the NQA test instance.
[HUAWEI] ip route-static Vlanif 10 track nqa user test

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