Configure NQA on S series switches

Network quality analysis (NQA) monitors network quality of services, and locates and diagnoses network faults by constructing various test instances and sending different types of probe packets. The following is an example of configuring ICMP on an S series switch (except the S1700).
1. Configure a test instance.
[HUAWEI] nqa test-instance admin icmp
[HUAWEI-nqa-admin-icmp] test-type icmp
[HUAWEI-nqa-admin-icmp] destination-address ipv4
2. Start the measurement.
[HUAWEI-nqa-admin-icmp] start now
3. Check the diagnosis result.
[HUAWEI-nqa-admin-icmp] display nqa results test-instance admin icmp //The command output is not provided here.

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