The lldpNotificationInterval object cannot be set on the NMS for S series switches

For Huawei S series switches (except the S1700), configuration of the lldpNotificationInterval object does not take effect if LLDP is not globally enabled. Before configuring the lldpNotificationInterval object, run the lldp enable command in the system view to enable LLDP globally.
The lldpNotificationInterval object is in LLDP-MIB.mib. The root object of LLDP-MIB.mib is iso(1).std(0).iso8802(8802).ieee802dot1(1).ieee802dot1mibs(1).lldpMIB(2). The default MIB views operable to the NMS have an OID prefix The lldpNotificationInterval object is not in any operable MIB view, so the operations performed on the lldpNotificationInterval object on the NMS do not take effect.

To make operations on the lldpNotificationInterval object performed on the NMS take effect, perform the following configuration on the managed device:
[HUAWEI] snmp-agent mib-view included test iso
[HUAWEI] snmp-agent community read huawei123 mib-view test
[HUAWEI] snmp-agent community write huawei123 mib-view test
[HUAWEI]snmp-agent sys-info version all
The community name (huawei123) and MIB view name (test) in the preceding commands are used as an example. You can change them as required.

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