Why cannot an S series switches obtain LLDP neighbor information through SNMP

On a Huawei S series switch (except the S1700), the LLDP module has two MIB files, that is, HUAWEI-LLDP-MIB.mib and LLDP-MIB.mib.
In the default configuration of the switch, SNMP is only applicable to the objects in the internet tree. The objects such as neighbor information in LLDP-MIB.mib are not in the internet tree. Therefore, the SNMP MIB view needs to be set to ISO. Then, all the objects in the ISO view can be accessed through SNMP.
To obtain LLDP neighbor information through SNMP, run the following commands on the switch:
[HUAWEI]snmp-agent community read huawei123 mib-view iso-view
[HUAWEI]snmp-agent community write huawei123 mib-view iso-view
[HUAWEI]snmp-agent sys-info version all
[HUAWEI]snmp-agent mib-view included iso-view iso

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