How to choose between MFF and port isolation

Port isolation and MFF have similar effects. You can choose one according to your needs. The differences between port isolation and MFF are as follows:

1. Port isolation is configured on interfaces, while MFF is configured in VLANs.
2. Port isolation physically separates interfaces, and users may be not allowed to communicate with each other. MFF ensures that users can communicate through Layer 3.
3. Port isolation is applied to users on one device, while MFF can be applied to users on different devices as long as the users are in the same VLAN.
4. Port isolation is valid to all Ethernet packets, while MFF is only valid to IP packets.
5. The VLANIF interfaces can be configured for the VLANs on the interfaces with port isolation configured. The VLANs with MFF enabled cannot have VLANIF interfaces.

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