How to set the command level in the specified view

The procedure for setting the command level in the specified view is as follows:
Command format:
command-privilege level < level > view < view-name > < command-key >
To adjust the command level, see the following examples:
Example 1: Set the level of the save command to 5.
[Huawei] command-privilege level 5 view user save
Example 2: Adjust the permission of the configuration file to a lower-level command.
[Huawei]command-privilege level 2 view system display current-configuration

The system grants different command levels. Each command in each view has a specified level. The administrator can change the command level based on user requirements to enable a lower-level user to use some high-level commands, or raise the command level to improve device security.
It is recommended that the default command level be not changed without permission.

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