Support for batch configuration of dhcp snooping in VLAN view on S series switch

S series switches (except S1700 switches) in V100R006 and later versions allow you to configure DHCP snooping in multiple VLANs at a time.
When performing the DHCP snooping configuration, pay attention to the following points:

- You can specify a range of VLAN IDs when running the dhcp snooping enable command in the system view, but the configuration is saved in the configuration file in the VLAN view but not the system view.
- Ensure that all the specified VLANs exist on the device.
- If you specify a super-VLAN in the dhcp snooping enable command, DHCP snooping takes effect in all the sub-VLANs of the super-VLAN.
- The DHCP snooping configuration commands used in the VLAN view cannot specify multiple interfaces in a batch. For example, when you run the dhcp snooping trusted interface interface-type interface-number command in the VLAN view, you can specify only one interface each time.

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