What is the function of the default-ip-address command for BFD on S series switches

For S series switches (except S1700): When using BFD to detect the physical status of a link, you may not specify the peer IP address (In some situations, the peer such as an Eth-Trunk member interface is not assigned an IP address). In this case, you need to bind a BFD session to a multicast IP address so that BFD control packets can be sent to the peer device.
In either of the following situations, change the default multicast IP address:
- On the live network, other protocols except BFD use the multicast IP address.
- Multiple BFD sessions exist on a path. For example, because Layer 3 interfaces are connected through Layer 2 switching devices that support BFD, configure different default multicast IP addresses for the devices where different BFD sessions are established.
You can run the default-ip-address ip-address command to configure the default multicast IP address for BFD.
[HUAWEI] bfd
[HUAWEI-bfd] default-ip-address

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