How to configure port anti-attacking on S switch?

[HUAWEI] cpu-defend policy test //create the policy, the name is test
[HUAWEI-cpu-defend-policy-test] auto-port-defend enable //open the function
[HUAWEI-cpu-defend-policy-test] auto-port-defend protocol all //open the port anti-attacking protocol
[HUAWEI-cpu-defend-policy-test] auto-port-defend protocol all threshold 64 //configure the threshold
[HUAWEI-cpu-defend-policy-test] auto-port-defend sample 5 //sampling rate of protocol packets based on port defense
[HUAWEI-cpu-defend-policy-test] auto-port-defend aging-time 500 //Configure the aging detection interval for port attack defense
[HUAWEI-cpu-defend-policy-test] quit
[HUAWEI] cpu-defend-policy test global //apply the policy

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