Configure mVRRP for S series switches

S series switches (S1700 excluded) support the management VRRP (mVRRP) function. When multiple VRRP groups run between devices, the mVRRP can be configured to reduce the bandwidth and CPU resources consumed by VRRP packets. Perform the following configurations in the interface view:

1. Run the vrrp vrid virtual-router-id virtual-ip virtual-address command to create a VRRP group and configure a virtual IP address for the group.

2. Run the admin-vrrp vrid virtual-router-id command to configure the VRRP group as the mVRRP group.

3. Run the vrrp vrid virtual-router-id1 track admin-vrrp interface interface-type interface-number vrid virtual-router-id2 unflowdown command to bind the member VRRP groups to the mVRRP group. A member VRRP group can be bound to only one mVRRP group.

Note: Member VRRP group configuration procedures are not mentioned here.

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