Configure association between VRRP and the interface status for S series switches

Association between VRRP and the interface status can be configured on S series switches (S1700 excluded). VRRP uplink interface tracing can be configured to ensure that the master priority is reduced when the tracked interface is faulty. A VRRP master/backup switchover is then triggered to switch links and minimize the impact of interface faults on service forwarding.

The configuration method is as follows:

Run the interface interface-type interface-number command to enter the interface view where the VRRP group resides on the master device.

2. Run the vrrp vrid virtual-router-id track interface interface-type interface-number [ increased value-increased | reduced value-reduced ] command to associate the VRRP group with the interface status for uplink interface tracing.

It should be noticed that when association between the VRRP group and the interface status is configured, master and backup devices in the VRRP group must work in preemption mode. It is recommended that you configure immediate preemption for the backup device and delayed preemption for the master device.

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