How long is the timeout interval for an online user who does not perform any operations

The default timeout interval is 5 minutes.
The timeout interval is configurable for routers. To configure the timeout interval, perform the following operations:
Run the idle-timeout minutes [ seconds ] command to configure the timeout interval in the user interface view.
If AAA authentication is configured, run the local-user user-name idle-timeout minutes [ seconds ] in the AAA view to enable disconnection of a local user after you run the idle-timeout command. After the configuration is complete, the system can disconnect the user from the VTY interface when the timeout period expires. You are advised to set the timeout period to 10-15 minutes.

To disable the idle cut function, run the idle-timeout 0 command.
If the idle cut function is disabled for users who log in to the VTY interface, other users may fail to obtain idle connections.

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