What is an MCE on S series switches

Introduction to an MCE on an S series switch is as follows:
A customer edge (CE) device is an edge device on a customer network. A CE device provides interfaces that are directly connected to the service provider (SP) network.
A multi-VPN-instance CE (MCE) device functions as a CE device for multiple VPN instances in BGP/MPLS IP VPN networking. The MCE function helps reduce network device expenses.
An MCE device maintains a VRF table for each VPN and binds each VPN instance to an interface. When the MCE device receives a route, it checks the receiving interface to determine the origin of the route and adds the route to the VRF table of the VPN instance bound to the interface.
The PE interfaces connected to the MCE device must also be bound to the VPN instances. The bindings between interfaces and VPN instances on the PE device must be the same as those on the MCE device. When the PE device receives a packet, it checks the receiving interface to determine to which VPN the packet belongs, and then transmits the packet in the appropriate tunnel.

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