When will an LSP flap and how do I know that an LSP flap occurred

If routing flapping or LSP session flapping occurs, LSP flapping occurs. LSPs may also flap when loop detection is configured or address overlapping, multiple links, or ring topologies exist. To determine whether LSP flapping occurs, run the display mpls lsp command to check the number of LSPs. If the number of LSPs frequently changes, LSP flapping occurs. You can also run the snmp-agent trap enable feature-name mpls_lspm command to enable trap for the MPLS LSPM module. If the LSP alarms are frequently generated, LSP flapping occurs. In this case, run the undo snmp-agent trap enable command to restore the default trap settings.

The following alarm information is displayed:
#Jul 25 22:49:18 2020 HUAWEI LSPM/5/TRAP: LSP 210958 Changes to Down
#Jul 25 22:49:19 2020 HUAWEI LSPM/5/TRAP: LSP 210958 Changes to Up

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