Do I need to specify the next hop or egress when configuring a static LSP on the ingress node

When configuring a static LSP on the ingress node, ensure that configuration items match routing information, including the destination address, mask, next hop, and outbound interface;otherwise,the LSP cannot become Up.

The system calculates the next hop if you specify the outbound interface. The calculated next hop is the IP address of the local outbound interface. The system calculates the outbound interface if you specify the next hop (the inbound interface of the peer end). The calculated outbound interface is still the local outbound interface.

Therefore, errors may occur during the static LSP configuration on the ingress node. Pay attention to the following points:
If the outbound interface is specified for a static route, you must specify the outbound interface when configuring the static LSP on the ingress node.
In other situations, you need to specify the next hop rather than only the outbound interface.
The fundamental rule is that the static ingress LSP route fully matches routing information.

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