What is the meaning of MTU in the display mpls interface verbose command output

After you run the display mpls interface verbose command, the following information is displayed:
display mpls interface vlanif 100 verbose
No : 1
Interface : Vlanif100
Status : Up
TE Attribute : Disable
Static LSPCount : 0
Static CR-LSPCount : 0
LDP LSPCount : 0
RSVP LSPCount : 0
Interface MTU : 1500
Effective MTU : 1500
TE FRR : Disable
Interface Index : 0xd1MTUs in the preceding command output indicate different meanings:
MPLS MTU: MTU configured using the mpls mtu command.
Interface MTU: MTU negotiated on the interface.
Effective MTU: Smaller MTU between MPLS MTU and Interface MTU.
When the MPLS MTU or Interface MTU changes, the configuration takes effect only after you restart the interface.

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