What are precautions for configuring static RP in Layer 3 multicast application

When only one RP exists on the network, you can configure a static RP rather than using a dynamic RP. This reduces bandwidth occupied by messages exchanged between the candidate rendezvous point (C-RP) and the bootstrap router (BSR).

Pay attention to the following when configuring a static RP:

1.The same static-rp command must be used on all the switches in the PIM-SM domain.
2.If the preferred keyword is not used when you configure the static RP, the switch prefers the dynamic RP elected through the BSR mechanism. The switch prefers the static RP only when you specify the preferred keyword in the static-rp command.
3.If multiple static RPs are available for a multicast group, the RP with the largest IP address serves the group.
4.If an ACL is specified in the command, the static RP serves only the groups permitted by the ACL.

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