Do S series switches support the Layer 3 multicast function

To achieve multicast forwarding of video services on Layer 3 networks, you need to configure the Layer 3 multicast function on switches. The Layer 3 multicast function requires two multicast protocols as follows:
- Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP): It is used to establish and maintain multicast group memberships between receiver hosts and directly connected multicast routers.
- Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM): It is used to obtain multicast requirements of receiver hosts, generate multicast routing entries, and set up multicast forwarding paths.
IGMP and PIM are supported by Huawei S series modular switches, and Sx7 series fixed switches including the S3700EI, S3700HI, S5700EI, S5710EI, S5720EI, S5700HI, S5710HI, S5720SI, S5720S-SI, S5720HI, S6700EI, S6720EI and S6720S-EI.

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