How does an S series switch process IGMP messages of a later version

If the version of a received IGMP message is later than the IGMP snooping version configured on the switch, the switch processes the IGMP message as follows:

- If the received message is a Report message, the switch forwards the message only to router ports and does not generate a member port or forwarding entry.
- If the received message is a Query message, the switch broadcasts the message in the VLAN and sets the receiving port as a router port.
After the multicast VLAN service is configured, IGMP messages are replicated and broadcast in user VLANs. If the switch receives many Group-Specific Query messages of a later version, the CPU usage may become high.

If IGMP messages of a later version degrade service performance on the switch, change the IGMP snooping version to the later version.

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