Application and support of SSM mapping on an S series switch

The source-specific multicast (SSM) model conserves multicast addresses and is more secure than the any-source multicast (ASM) model. Only IGMPv3 supports SSM. A host running IGMPv3 can specify multicast source addresses in Report messages. Some hosts can only run IGMPv1 or IGMPv2. To enable these hosts to receive the SSM service, multicast devices need to offer the IGMP snooping SSM mapping function.
IGMP snooping SSM mapping is a Layer 2 SSM mapping feature used on IPv4 multicast networks. After static SSM mapping entries are configured on a Layer 2 device, the device can convert (*, G) information in IGMPv1 and IGMPv2 Report messages to (S, G) information to provide the SSM service for IGMPv1 and IGMPv2 hosts. S indicates the multicast source, G indicates the multicast group, and the asterisk (*) indicates any multicast source.
S series switches excluding the S1700 support IGMP snooping SSM mapping.

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