RIP versions supported by S series switches

Q: Which RIP versions are supported by S series switches?

A: RIP has two versions including RIP-1 and RIP-2. You can specify RIP packet version on an interface.
RIP-1 packets are transmitted in broadcast mode.
RIP-2 packets can be broadcast or multicast. By default, RIP-2 packets are multicast using the IP address Multicast mode prevents hosts that do not run RIP on the same network from receiving broadcast RIP packets, and prevents hosts running RIP-1 from receiving and processing routes with a subnet mask in RIP-2 packets. An interface can also receive RIP-1 packets when it uses RIP-2 broadcast mode.
By default, an interface receives and sends RIP-1 packets. If RIP-2 is specified for an interface, the interface transmits packets in multicast mode by default.

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