Configure OSPF to filter received routes on S series switches

The Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) is a routing protocol based on the link status. Unlike the routing protocols using the distance-vector (D-V) algorithm, OSPF ensures topology consistency and provides loop-free routes. To configure OSPF to filter routes, run the filter-policy import command. The record about the LSA of a route filtered out exists in the OSPF database. The OSPF process does not add the route to the routing table but the LSA of the route is advertised. That is, the peer end can receive the route. The filter-policy export command can only be used to configure OSPF to filter imported external routes to be advertised.

OSPF also supports the filtering of routes carried in Type 3 LSAs on ABRs. This feature enables ABRs to filter routes when advertising Type 3 LSAs between OSPF areas. Only the packets with prefixes meeting requirements can be transmitted from one area to another. In this way, the incoming and outgoing packets of an area are controlled.

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