MTU value of OSPF DD packets sent by S series switches

According to RFC 2328, the value of the Interface MTU field in a DD packet is the MTU value of the link (if the link is a virtual link, the value is 0). When a device receives a DD packet with an Interface MTU value larger than the MTU value in DD packets sent by the device, the device drops the DD packet and the neighbor status stays Exchange Start.

On an S series switch supporting OSPF, you can run the ospf mtu-enable command in an interface view to check the MTU value in received DD packets. By default, OSPF does not check the MTU value in a DD packet. If the MTU match check is not performed, LSDBs of the two ends can be synchronized and the OSPF neighbor relationship can enter the Full state with the MTU values configured on the two ends varying slightly.

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