Can I configure only an OSPF non-backbone area on S series switches

OSPF partitions an AS into different areas to resolve the problem of frequent LSDB updates and improve network efficiency. An area is regarded as a logical group, and each group is identified by an area ID. A switch, not a link, resides at the border of an area. A network segment or link belongs only to one area. The area to which each OSPF-enabled interface belongs must be specified.
On an OSPF network, the backbone area connects to all other OSPF areas and transmits inter-area routes. A single non-backbone area (for example, Area 3) can be configured to implement intra-area communication. However, if multiple non-backbone areas are configured, a backbone area is required to enable communication between the non-backbone areas.
Therefore, all devices on a small network can be added to Area 0 (the backbone area). You are advised not to configure a single non-backbone area.

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