Prevent OSPF interfaces on S series switches from sending and receiving protocol packets

To prevent local OSPF routing information from being obtained by devices on other networks and prevent the local S series switch from receiving routing update information advertised by other devices on the same network, run the silent-interface command in the OSPF process view to forbid an OSPF interface on the local switch from sending and receiving OSPF packets. By default, an interface is allowed to receive OSPF packets.
Disabling interfaces from receiving and sending OSPF packets is a method of preventing routing loops. After an OSPF interface is prevented from sending and receiving OSPF packets, the interface can still advertise its direct routes. Hello packets on the interface, however, cannot be forwarded. Therefore, no neighbor relationship can be established on the interface. This enhances the networking adaptability of OSPF and reduces system resource consumption.
For example, disable VLANIF 200 from sending and receiving OSPF packets as follows:
[HUAWEI] ospf 100
[HUAWEI-ospf-100] silent-interface vlanif 200

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