What do PAF items in RM represent

The commonly used PAF items in RM are listed as follows:

PAF_LCS_ROUT_RM_URT_SPECS_MAX_ROUTES_NUM: indicates the number of unicast routes on the entire device.

PAF_LCS_ROUT_RM_URT_SPECS_MAX_ROUTES_NUM_ALL_VRF: indicates the total number of unicast routes in all VPN instances.

PAF_LCS_ROUT_RM_URT_SPECS_MAX_ROUTES_NUM_PER_VRF: indicates the number of unicast routes in a VPN instance.

PAF_LCS_ROUT_RM_URT_SPECS_MAX_PREFIX_NUM: indicates the number of unicast route prefixes on the entire device.

PAF_LCS_ROUT_RM_USR_SPECS_MAX_ROUTES_NUM: indicates the number of static routes.

PAF_LCS_ROUT_RM_MSR_SPECS_MAX_ROUTES_NUM: indicates the number of multicast static routes.

PAF_LCS_ROUT_RM_SPECS_NUM_EQUICOSTRTS: indicates the number of IPv4 routes for load balancing.

PAF_LCS_ROUT_RM_SPECS_MILLION_FIB_ENABLED: indicates whether the million FIB feature is enabled.

PAF_LCS_ROUT_RM_IM_SPECS_BROADCAST_FLAG: indicates whether subnet route broadcasting is enabled.

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