Do S series switches support DNS proxy

S series switches (excluding the S1700) support only the DNS client function. Static and dynamic domain name resolution can be used together. When resolving the domain name, the switch first uses static domain name resolution. The switch queries the local static domain name resolution table. If static domain name resolution fails, the switch uses dynamic domain name resolution. The switch sends a DNS request to the DNS server. Dynamic domain name resolution takes some time and requires the DNS server. You can add some common domain names to the static domain name resolution table to improve the resolution efficiency.
Huawei S series switches support static and dynamic domain name resolution. The configuration procedure is as follows:
1. Configure the static domain name resolution.
[Huawei] ip host hostB //Configure a static DNS entry.
2. Configure dynamic domain name resolution.
[Huawei] dns resolve //Enable dynamic DNS resolution.
[Huawei] dns server /Configure the DNS server's IP address.
[Huawei] dns domain net //Configure the DNS domain name suffix.

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