Static DHCP binding configuration on S series switch

In static DHCP binding mode, fixed IP addresses can be assigned to DHCP clients with specific MAC addresses. For example, you can assign fixed IP address to a client with MAC address dcd2-fc96-e4c0 on an S series switch except an S1700 switch:
- For a global address pool:
[HUAWEI] ip pool 1 //Enter the view of an IP address pool.
[HUAWEI-ip-pool-1] static-bind ip-address mac-address dcd2-fc96-e4c0
- For an interface address pool:
[HUAWEI] interface vlanif 10 //Enter the view of the interface for which an IP address has been configured.
[HUAWEI-Vlanif10] dhcp server static-bind ip-address mac-address dcd2-fc96-e4c0
Note: The configured IP address cannot be the same as the assigned one. If the configured IP address has been assigned, run the reset ip pool { interface pool-name | name ip-pool-name } { start-ip-address [ end-ip-address ] | all | conflict | expired | used } command in the user view to manually reclaim the IP address in an address pool.

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