Cause of semi-dynamic ARP configuration loss after S series switches are upgraded to V2R1

On S series switches (except S1700 switches), the semi-dynamic ARP of IP+MAC+VID (different from static ARP of IP+MAC+VID+interface) is valid only on sub-interfaces having the vlan-type dot1q command configured. Versions earlier than V200R001 support the vlan-type dot1q command on sub-interfaces, but the command cannot be successfully configured. In V200R001 and later versions, the vlan-type dot1q command and the semi-dynamic ARP configuration command are not supported on sub-interfaces.
Note: In versions earlier than V200R001, the semi-dynamic ARP of IP+MAC+VID can be configured on sub-interfaces that do not have the vlan-type dot1q command configured, but the configuration cannot take effect. Therefore, loss of this configuration does not affect services after an upgrade to V200R001.

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