Subnet-based VLAN assignment on S series switch

Example of configuring IP subnet-based VLAN assignment for S series switches (except S1700 switches):
1. Configuration roadmap
1) Create VLANs, and add an interface to the VLANs so that the interface allows packets of IP subnet-based VLANs to pass through.
2) Enable IP subnet-based VLAN assignment on the interface, and associate IP subnets with the VLANs, so that the switch can determine the VLANs to which received packets belong according to the source IP addresses or specified subnets in the packets.
2. Configuration procedure
1) Create VLANs.
[HUAWEI] vlan batch 100 200 //Create VLAN100 and VLAN 200.
2) Configure an interface.
[HUAWEI] interface gigabitethernet 0/0/1
[HUAWEI-GigabitEthernet0/0/1] port link-type hybrid //Set the interface type to hybrid.
[HUAWEI-GigabitEthernet0/0/1] port hybrid untagged vlan 100 200 //Add the interface to VLAN 100 and VLAN 200 in untagged mode.
[HUAWEI-GigabitEthernet0/0/1] ip-subnet-vlan enable //Enable IP subnet-based VLAN assignment on the interface.
[HUAWEI-GigabitEthernet0/0/1] quit
3) Associate IP subnets with VLANs.
[HUAWEI] vlan 100
[HUAWEI-vlan100] ip-subnet-vlan 1 ip 24 priority 2 //Associate IP subnet with VLAN 100 and set the 802.1p priority of VLAN 100 to 2.
[HUAWEI-vlan100] quit
[HUAWEI] vlan 200
[HUAWEI-vlan200] ip-subnet-vlan 1 ip 24 priority 3
[HUAWEI-vlan200] quit

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