How do S series switches implement fast switchover when RRPP is deployed

For S series switches, fast RRPP switchover is guaranteed by the switchover mechanism, which is irrelevant to the interval for sending Hello packets. Although the minimum interval for sending Hello packets is 1s, Hello packets are used only for loop detection.
The following is the switchover mechanism of an RRPP ring:
- If a link in the ring is faulty, the port directly connected to the link goes Down.
- The transit node immediately sends a Link-Down packet to the master node to report the link status change.
- When receiving the Link-Down packet, the master node considers that the ring fails, so it unblocks the secondary port and sends a packet to instruct other transit nodes to update Forwarding DataBases (FDBs).
- After other transit nodes refresh their FDBs, the data stream is switched to a link in the Up state.

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