How to configure loop detection on multiple ports on S series switches

Huawei S series (except the S1700) and E series switches support MAC address flapping detection, which can detect loops on multiple interfaces. You are advised to configure MAC address flapping detection on downlink interfaces and set the action to be taken after MAC address flapping occurs in alarm-only. If a loop occurs, an alarm will be sent to eSight, facilitating location of other faults.

Enable MAC address flapping detection in VLANs. MAC address flapping detection in a maximum of 32 VLANs is supported.

[Huawei] vlan 3
[Huawei-vlan3] loop-detect eth-loop block-time 30 retry-times 3

The alarm information consists of the interface name, VLAN ID, flapping time, and MAC address that flaps. Alarms can be generated consecutively.

#Jan 1 2008 06:53:12-08:00 Huawei L2IFPPI/4/MFLPIFRESUME:OID1. Loop does not exist in vlan 3, Interface Ethernet0/0/1 resumed, block-time is 30 for mac-flapping disappeared.
#Jan 1 2008 06:52:22-08:00 Huawei L2IFPPI/4/MFLPIFBLOCK:OID1. Loop exist in vlan 3, Interface Ethernet0/0/1 blocked, block-time is 30 for mac-flapping, Mac Address is 00e0-fc22-765a.

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