The type of Eth-Trunk member interfaces on S series switches

Observe the following guidelines when adding member interface to an Eth-Trunk on S series switches (except the S1700):
1. The member interface cannot be configured with some services or static MAC address entries. For example, when an interface is added to an Eth-Trunk, the interface must use the default link type.
2. An Eth-Trunk cannot be added to another Eth-Trunk. Member interfaces of an Eth-Trunk must use the same Ethernet type and rate. Interfaces that use different Ethernet types and rates cannot join the same Eth-Trunk. For instance, GE interfaces and FE interfaces cannot join the same Eth-Trunk, but GE electrical interfaces and GE optical interfaces can join the same Eth-Trunk.
3. Both devices of the Eth-Trunk must use the same number of physical interfaces, interface rate, duplex mode, and flow control mode.
4. If an interface of the local device is added to an Eth-Trunk, an interface of the remote device directly connected to the interface of the local device must also be added to an Eth-Trunk; otherwise, the two ends cannot communicate.

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