What is the default destination MAC address of a cluster of an S series switch

The default destination MAC address of BPDUs is 0180-c200-000A. You can change the destination MAC address in the following range:
If another device also uses 0180-c200-000A as the destination MAC address of BPDUs, devices can communicate with each other directly. If not, change the destination MAC address on the other device to ensure that the two devices use the same destination MAC address for BPDUs.
You can check the destination MAC address by running the display cluster command. For example:
[HUAWEI] display cluster
Cluster name:"HUAWEI"
Role:Administrator switch

management vlan id : 1(default vlan)
Cluster multicast MAC address : 0180-c200-000a(default)
Cluster auto-join : disabled

Handshake timer:10 sec
Handshake hold-time:60 sec
IP pool:
No logging host configured
No SNMP host configured
No FTP server configured
No TFTP server configured
No SFTP server configured
cluster-member ftp-timeout: 1200 sec(default)
Cluster SNMP NAT capability : enabled
Cluster FTP NAT capability : disabled
There are 1 member(s) in the cluster, and 0 of them are down.

Note: S series switches (excluding the S1700) in V200R002 and later versions, and V100R006C05 do not support HGMP.

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