How do I obtain the license revocation code of an AR

When you adjust the license between devices or want to change the license when the original license is incompatible on the upgraded device, run the license revoke command to revoke the existing license. The system then returns a license revocation code. Then use the license revocation code to apply for a new license file, and activate the new license file to the device during the trial period.

You can use the following methods to obtain a license revocation code:

1. Run the license revoke command. Then obtain the license revocation code in the displayed message.
Before running the license revoke command, note the following points:
(1) Contact agents and check whether the license can be replaced. For example, determine whether the new license file can be obtained.
(2) Contact Huawei technical support personnel.
(3) Running the license revoke command causes the license file to be in trial state. The trial period is 60 days. If the trial period is reached, services are interrupted. Exercise caution when you run the license revoke command.

2. After the license is revoked, run the display license revoke-ticket command to view the license revocation code.

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