How to select loop prevention protocols

When creating a new network using S series switches (except the S1700), select loop prevention protocols based on your network requirements:
1.   If the network services have high performance requirements (for example, if millisecond-level convergence is required when a fault occurs), select the SEP, RRPP, and SMLK protocols. Otherwise, select the STP protocol.
2.   If you are creating a ring network, select the SEP and RRPP protocols. If you are creating a tree network, select the STP protocol. If two uplink ports are used to transmit data, select the SMLK protocol.
3.   If the network must connect to other vendors' devices, select the STP protocol. Otherwise, select the Smart Ethernet Protection (SEP) protocol. SEP is a technology developed by Huawei that supports topology viewing, multiple modes for selecting blocking points, and millisecond-level fault convergence time. SEP is recommended for new networks.

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