How to load a license file on an AR

Ensure that you have obtained the license file, for example, LICAR3200all_201404110L1Q50.dat. The procedure for loading the license file is as follows:
1. Upload the file.
<Huawei> ftp
Trying ...
Press CTRL+K to abort
Connected to
220 WFTPD 2.0 service (by Texas Imperial Software) ready for new user
331 Give me your password, please
Enter password:
230 Logged in successfully

[Huawei-ftp] get LICAR3200all_201404110L1Q50.dat
200 PORT command okay
150 "D:\ftp\LICAR3200all_201404110L1Q50.dat" file ready to send (1636 bytes) in ASCII mode

226 Transfer finished successfully.
FTP: 1636 byte(s) received in 3.470 second(s) 471.46byte(s)/sec.

Note: The license file name cannot contain spaces. If the license file name contains spaces, delete the spaces or change spaces to_.

2. Activate the license.
<Huawei> license active LICAR3200all_201404110L1Q50.dat
Info: The License is being activated. Please wait for a moment.
GTL Verify License passed with minor errors on MASTER board:
This item LAR0CM00 License File value more than maximum value.
This item LAR0CT00 License File value more than maximum value.
Warning: If this operation is performed, the trial license may replace the current license, and resources and functions in the current license may reduce. Continue? (y/n)[n]:y
Info: Succeeded in activating the License file on the master board.

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