What are precautions for configuring the formats of sent and received BPDUs on an STP interface

There are two STP BPDU formats: standard IEEE 802.1s format and proprietary format. The switch supports both formats and works in auto mode by default. You can run the stp compliance command on an STP interface to change the packet format. In auto mode, an STP interface can parse BPDUs in any format received from the peer interface.

When a Huawei switch is connected to another vendor's device, the two devices may fail to communicate because of different keys in BPDUs even though they have the same domain name, revision level, and VLAN mapping table. To solve this problem, run the stp config-digest-snoop command to enable digest snooping. This function enables the Huawei switch to keep its BPDU key consistent with that used on the peer device.

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