What is LBDT and what are the differences between LBDT and LDT

Loopback detection (LBDT) is different from loop detection (LDT) in the following aspects:

1. Application scenario: LBDT is applied on edge switches to prevent switch port fiber loopback or loopback of downstream loops to the port. LDT is applied on aggregation switches to detect loopbacks and loops on the entire Layer 2 network.

2. Configuration modes: LBDT is configured based on port modes. LDT is configured based on system modes.

3. Configuration command:
LBDT configuration command: loopback-detect enable. This command is used to enable loopback detection for ports.
LDT configuration command: loop-detection enable. Example: loop-detection enable vlan 200. This LDT configuration command is used to enable the VLAN-based loop detection function.

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