Does the switch support MAC-FLAPPING detection

MAC-FLAPPING detection indicates detection of MAC address flapping.

The S2700 does not support any modes of MAC-FLAPPING detection.

The S2750, S3700, S5700, or S6700 switch supports VLAN-based MAC-FLAPPING detection. The VLAN-based MAC-FLAPPING detection function is disabled by default. Flapping actions can be enabled through command configuration. The actions include blocking ports, blocking MAC addresses, or only reporting alarms after the flapping. For example, configure the command as follows to enable the MAC address flapping detection on VLAN10. In this detection, the action is block with 10s block duration and three attempt times.
[HUAWEI] loop-detect eth-loop alarm-only
[HUAWEI] vlan 10
[HUAWEI-vlan10] loop-detect eth-loop block-time 10 retry-times 3
In V200R001 and later versions, the switches support globally enabled MAC-FLAPPING detection. The configuration command is as follows:
[HUAWEI] mac-address flapping detection
Run the mac-address flapping detection in the system view.

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