Why the command for default configuration is lost when a switch is upgraded to V100R006 and restarted after configuration file import

The cause is that the imported configuration file contains no version information. The system infers that the current V100R006 version is upgraded from a version earlier than V100R003. However, the default configuration is the same for the two versions. To adapt to the previous version, corresponding conversion is performed. The following is the processing mechanism for vlan 1:

For a version earlier than V100R003, the buildrun information is written on VLAN 1. If the port trunk allow-pass vlan 1 command is unavailable and eth-trunk is not configured for a port, the system infers that the port is not added to VLAN 1. Therefore, after the switch is upgraded to V100R006, add the undo port trunk allow-pass vlan 1 command to the port.

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