Can BPDUs be transparently transmitted on a device

After the bpdu enable command is used on an interface, the interface sends received BPDUs to the CPU for processing. The local device determines whether to process BPDUs of a protocol depending on whether the protocol is enabled. For example, whether STP BPDUSs on an interface are sent to the CPU depends on whether STP has been enabled on the interface using the stp enable command.

After the bpdu disable command is used on an interface, BPDUs received on this interface are discarded by the chip.

To transparently transmit BPDUs on a device, enable Layer 2 protocol transparent transmission on the device interfaces. In V100R005 and later versions, run the l2protocol-tunnel all enable command on an interface to enable Layer 2 protocol transparent transmission. To ensure successful forwarding of packets, configure the default VLAN on the inbound and outbound interfaces of all devices on the forwarding path.

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