If two switches are connected through a transport network device, how does a switch detect that the remote interface goes Down

In V100R005C01SPC100 and later versions, you can configure EFM packet receiving timeout detection on both ends of a link. When receiving an EFM packet times out on one end, a port error-down event is triggered. Then the local end knows that the remote port goes Down.

Run the following commands to enable EFM :
[HUAWEI] efm enable
[HUAWEI] interface gigabitethernet 0/0/1
[HUAWEI-GigabitEthernet0/0/1] bpdu enable
[HUAWEI-GigabitEthernet0/0/1] efm timeout trigger error-down The S2700SI does not support the efm timeout trigger error-down command.

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