Combo port supported by S series switches

Combo ports are supported by S series switches as follows:
Modular switch:
- S9300: LE0MG24CA, LE0DG24CEAS0, LE1D2S04SX1E, and LE1D2S08SX1E
- S7700: ES0D0G24CA00, ES1D2S04SX1E, and ES1D2S08SX1E
- S9700: EH1D2S24CSA0, EH1D2S24CEA0, EH1D2S04SX1E, and EH1D2S08SX1E
- S12700: ET1D2S04SX1E and ET1D2S08SX1E
Fixed switch:
- Switch models containing "TP" support combo ports.

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